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      Hi Parents and welcome to The Beautiful World children’s website. Our parents are extremely important to The Beautiful World teachings! We love to be educators and teachers of character education! We take our gifts/ teachings very seriously when it comes to our Precious little souls manifesting on our beautiful planet. We know we need your help conveying and teaching our darling little souls our lessons. We feel character education is a key foundation for our babies! We as parents know with all the distractions our precious little souls are going to be faced with it, its so important for us to build a foundation of love and compassion within them. We feel the Power of Choice is vital for our babies to gain some kind of understanding early in life. Also to teach them that they are beautiful manifestations of life and they are valued and loved by us. To empower our babies with tools that will assist them on their journeys is a blessing. The Power of Choice is the core of our teachings. The Beautiful World conveying lessons and parents teaching them as well we will create a beautiful synergy that will create a beautiful feeling, energy and song! Stay tuned for our monthly parenting tips!

      Thank you,
      The Beautiful World

      Ps. Your wonderfulness is felt on a daily bases with those you cross paths with. We as parents do the best job we can do, lets give gratitude and walk in humility for just that!! Keep being the beautiful creation that you are!

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